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Andrew Grigg - Physiotherapist

Physical training clinics feature well known and respected Brisbane physiotherapist Andrew Grigg who has worked extensively with many elite golfers. Players such as Rachel Hetherington, Michael Wright, Terry Price and Nicolas Colsaerts to name a few use Andrew's services. Andrew has been working closely with A*Game over the past 13 years and is always at the cutting edge of new procedures and technology to help the players physically.

Ranges of physical training programmes have been developed in conjunction with A-Game coaching staff. These feature physical screening and profiling. This procedure focuses on identifying any need for improvement in strength, flexibility, co-ordination or balancing of muscles that have a direct effect on the student's ability to swing properly. Many problems originally determined as technical, in fact, have a physical component and must be resolved before technical adjustment is even a possibility. Once any problems have been ascertained, students will be taken through a general fitness and a specific remedial treatment programme.

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