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Ken Berndt - Director Of Coaching

National Coaching Summits
In his teens and early twenties Ken was one of Australia’s outstanding young golfers. He has been a member of the Australian PGA for over 30 years. Ken’s insight as a coach and educational innovator has also led to presentations at National PGA Golf Summits (1992 Sports Science in Golf, 1994 Sports Vision for Golfers, 1998 Body Movements of the Golf Athlete).

Winner of the 2000 and 2007 Queensland PGA Teaching Professional of the Year.

Junior Coaching Programs
He developed a keen interest in golf education and has been involved in elite coaching programmes over many years. He was involver with the Queensland Golf Union's Elite Training Camps for over 25 years. For ten years, Ken was the Head Coach and Co-ordinator of these camps. 

School Development Programme
During his coaching career Ken played a major role as coach (1992-96) and as advisor for curricular development for the Kelvin Grove School of Excellence programme (1995 World Schools in Team Champion).

In 1994 Ken assumed the role of Director of Golf at the hills Educational Foundation , an international college that integrates academic education and golf training for select students. His role has been to develop and co-ordinate a programme that integrates the services of elite sports science personnel, as well as assuming a hands- on role with the students and directing the expertise of assistant coaches.

Sports Science Research
Ken was instrumental in bio-mechanics research in 1990 in conjunction with Dr. Robert Neal from the University of Queensland utilizing high-speed video and force platform analysis of golfers. Dr Neal and Ken also collaborated together in producing useful data in measuring real time body movement during the golf swing.

In 2006-2007, Ken worked with Graem Boulton in fine-tuning The K-Vest swing analysis system which is now in worldwide use.

Ken also provided the impetus for extensive research into the physical fitness relationship to the technical proficiency of golfers. He has worked with sports physiotherapist Roger Fitzgerald and Michael Dalgleish to develop the most advanced physical testing, analysis, training and remedial treatment programs in the world. He played a key role in developing the IPCA golf programme in Queensland and developed the curricular for a sports management course in 1994. He was IPCA Head Coach from 1995-2003

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